Electric Hotel is a lonely, bizarre and beautiful outdoor spectacle; a uniquely designed, fly-by-night hotel brought to vivid life through dance and sound. Sitting on the outside looking in, the audience snatch glimpses of the do-not-disturb lives unfolding behind the floor to ceiling windows. Wearing headphones to eavesdrop on the internal spaces of the building they watch the residents in their private rooms: natural habits, unnatural fantasies and wildly eccentric housekeeping.

Download the soundtrack here.

“The remarkable thing about Electric Hotel – what makes it both distancing and enticing, half-and-half – is it’s wielding together of sensations caused by different media, as if Rosenberg has had opportunity to cherry-pick the choicest effects of various art-forms. First, there’s the astonishment of its actual occurrence, live and in the moment. We marvel at the miracle of its precision in synchronicity, both between performers themselves and with the pre-recorded soundtrack. Then, there are more mediatised effects: the distortion of things and the controlled (but consciously registered) pull on our focus, the awareness of one’s panning gaze, zooming-in and zooming-out. The combined design is also able to make use of trickery, manipulating the confusion of vision caused by the glass screen such that the live seems specially effected or edited into the impossible. Often characters skip through space, exiting through one door and appearing instantaneously in another.”  Carousel of Fantasies

Electric Hotel must take the laurels… it offers the thrilling spectacle of a headline act’ – The Guardian on Lattitude

‘As darkness falls, spectators take their place, wearing "binaural" headsets which create an intense auditory experience to accompany the events unfolding in front of them. And these are strange indeed’ – The Guardian

‘What we hear is a thrillingly intense soundscape, somehow rendering far-off minor sounds – a woman pulling on a robe after a swim, the plumping of a pillow – thrillingly close.’ – The Guardian

‘Electric Hotel isn’t like anything I’ve seen before or expect to see again’ - londondance on Electric Hotel

‘This brilliant outdoor theatre/dance spectacle was easily the most artistically inventive thing I’ve witnessed’ – theartdesk.com on Electric Hotel

‘An eeringly compelling experience’ - The Stage on Electric Hotel, 2010


Co-directed by Frauke Requardt & David Rosenberg
Designed by Börkur Jónsson
Composition and Sound Design by Ben and Max Ringham
Lighting Design by Natasha Chivers
Dramaturgy by Ruth Little
Built by Urban Space Management and Fuel at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Costume Designer Ellan Parry
Scenic Supervisor Peter Arnold
Production Electricians Peter HarrisonRachel Bowen, Nathaniel Seekins 
Stage Manager Anna Matthews
Bar Manager Rebecca Kilgariff
Produced by Fuel

Presented by Fuel. Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells and Without Walls. Funded by Arts Council England and a Welcome Trust Arts Award. Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Research supported by Jerwood Studio at Sadler’s Wells and the UCL Ear Institute. Subsidised rehearsal space provided by Jerwood Space Developed at Cove Park